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For many, the financial situation sometimes seems hopeless, especially when the time comes to spend more on our debt than we earn, and so before we think, we can find ourselves in a limbo that is difficult to find a way out of.

Loans for the Insolvent

Retirement Lending

The best example is when long-term benefits cover only a fraction of our costs while our debts go up. So we inevitably come to the point that we can no longer settle even the most basic, and after that blockages and enforcement begin to threaten. In these situations, it is clear that credit or lending is the only solution, but many are already overburdened with loans or fail to pay on time to the one they have, which results in the loss of financial liquidity and credit over time.

For the sake of bank security, HROK keeps all data on monetary liabilities and the regularity of settling loans or debts to banks and credit card companies, so lending to the bank is not an option – because of a credit report that indicates indebtedness or irregular payment of credit obligations, we are becoming insolvent for banks.

That is why, but also because of the speed of the second option, more and more people are turning to credit companies, non-banking institutions that do not qualify as banks, and they can process the application for ‘ credit for the insolvent ‘ within 15 minutes of receiving the necessary documents.

Online loans for the insolvent

Online loans for the insolvent

Credit insolvent loans are processed online and online by credit companies, which allows for such quick processing. We all know less that the virtual world is the one where most things happen today. People have been paying bills online for a long time, being informed about events in and out of the country, downloading books or buying something – so there is no reason for them not to seek fast loans and loans online.

As a result, the number of those who do their jobs completely over the Internet is increasing every day, and there are more and more people who do not have a fixed working time. Today, life is getting busier, and we all have to get used to it and adapt to such a new age sooner or later.

That is why, over time, financial literacy is steadily increasing, and people are happy to accept anything that can save them more and more valuable time. So it is with borrowing money, raising various loans and fast loans, which are called fast loans because of online lending.

Short-term borrowings for the insolvent

Short-term borrowings for the insolvent

Fast loans such as ‘credit insolvent’ offered by credit companies are short-term and repayable in a shorter period. Usually, this is a maximum of HRK 6 thousand, and the repayment period is a maximum of five months or 150 days. With the credit default fast lending service, we dictate the pace and repayment period ourselves, which is true of most quick short term loan models.

The implementation is, as we have already mentioned, really fast, so the money can be deposited into your account within 15 minutes of the delivery of the signed documentation. The documentation consists of only three documents that you can scan and send to the credit company mailing address.

It consists mainly of a copy of the identity card, a certificate of current account opened in the name of the borrower (which must not be blocked), and an excerpt of the payroll from the bank proving the receipts. Otherwise, some credit companies will not even require you to work full time for some loan models or money loan, which is why you can also ask for ‘insolvent’ loans if you work for a part time or study with a job, if you are a pensioner or part-time; as long as it is evident that the money in your account sits on a monthly basis, it is irrelevant how you are and whether you are employed, and how much of your salary remains.

Loans for creditworthy fast non-banking services

Loans for creditworthy fast non-banking services

Credit institutions will not ask you for an employer certification as well, which will further accelerate your credit for a bankrupt because you can collect the necessary paperwork in one day.

Non-bank credit institutions, credit companies or mobile banks; under all these names you can find places suitable for fast lending both when you are not eligible for banks and when you are not creditworthy, but be careful about choosing one that you will turn to for fast loans and then look for one that has been in business for many years and is guaranteed by satisfied clients, and which, if possible, offers lending services outside Croatia, Europe or the world…