Best liability insurance in the test: Stiftung Warentest compares

Best liability insurance in the test: Stiftung Warentest compares

In issue 1/2013 of the magazine Finanztest, the experts of Stiftung Warentest have now presented the best liability offers with valuable extra services. Already in September 2012, Stiftung Warentest tested the best family rates in private liability insurance. Very good reviews received tariffs from Interrisk, Asstel and the Gothaer insurance.
Some liability insurance companies also provide neighborhood assistance

Very good liability insurance with extended protection

In a comprehensive test, Stiftung Warentest recently compared more than 250 family tariffs from a total of 72 private liability insurers in September 2012 and selected the best offers as test winner. From all the tariffs, which had received a very good rating in the liability insurance test, the testers now sought out the offers that provide a hedge of at least 10,000 euros for damage in courtesy, borrowed, rented or leased property and the inventory of a holiday home abroad Offer.

Update November 19, 2014: After nearly two years, Stiftung Warentest has once again gone in search of the best liability insurance. Consumers can therefore count on 2015 that there are many very good offers. Of the 235 family rates surveyed, almost one in two is very good.

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Extra benefits in the private liability

Not all private liability insurances will pay if damage to the neighbor occurs in a favor or the insured accidentally damages a friend’s loan. In particular, in the case of a removal damage, an additional service usually has to be agreed, so that the insurance covers the costs, if the removal aid for a friend is damaged.

Best liability insurance 2013

According to Stiftung Warentest, there are some recommended rates that offer these extra services. Among other things, Interrisk’s “XXL” tariff, Asstel’s “Comfort” tariff, Gothaer’s “Top” and “Top Plus Plus” tariffs cover the damage that private liability insurance usually does not pay for. The providers Bruderhilfe, Concordia, Haftungskasse Darmstadt, NV, Allianz, Ergo and Ergo Direkt as well as Neckermann are named test winners in the current Finanztest issue.

Check liability insurance

If you are not sure whether your private liability insurance covers any damage that may be caused by the neighborhood assistance or lent items, you should ask the provider. Especially in the case of older contracts, it is also advisable to check liability insurance in this context and to renew it if necessary. A free and non-binding tariff comparison can help you to find a very good private liability insurance at a reasonable price. Use our online rate calculator to compare the prices and services of many insurers in detail and at your leisure.

Family tariff with extra protection from 64 Euro per year

The best protection with the performance enhancements for the whole family, there are, according to Stiftung Warentest 2013 at the Huk24 and the Huk-Coburg General. The tariff “Classic” with a sum insured of 15 million euros, which both insurers offer, costs only 64 or 67 euros per year.

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